Travel Advisor
May 2020
Tenant Representation - Site Selection and Lease Negotiation

Virtuoso's Office Space Upgrade

Virtuoso, the world's number one travel network, was looking to upgrade its office space in New York City and expand into a new amazing office.What made their office space search so unique? For those who are passionate about travel, they understand that Virtuoso's network of advisors and suppliers allow their clients to have the most personalized, VIP-style travel experience.  The challenge was finding and designing an office space that captured that sentiment.

Its prior offices at 747 Third was beautifully designed. However, their lease was coming due and it did not prepare them for any growth. As a lifestyle company, they wanted their new office space to appropriately promote their brand.

The office space search in Grand Central neighborhood was narrowed down from an initial set of 150 buildings based on size and location. From their, it was narrowed down even further based on host of other parameters such as price, landlord and uniqueness. As they searched for properties to lease,  Virtuoso looked at each property with a discerning eye. Many locations were considered. However, they finally came upon the very unique the 34th floor at 220 East 42nd Street, which would be great for entertaining. This office has a dramatic terrace for hosting events and the open galley pantry would be placed directly adjacent to the  reception as an additional way to entertain.

The building lobby with its huge globe was also very appropriate. Overall, the location and everything about the space was a perfect fit.